Technology in Education – The right way ahead

In today’s society, there is no question that technology has become a part of our everyday lives. It is often noticed that a primary school student possesses much higher expertise in using electronic devices like smart phones or tablets than his/her parents.

It is scientifically proven, that a child has much better grasping power than an adult. Also, there is no doubt that in the short history of technological era, it is simpler than ever to use any new technology. The reason for me to raise this point is that we often forget that at this tender age, students are not mature enough to figure out the right way to use technology. We often consider a child’s ability to use a smart phone with his/her smartness.

Now-a-days, students refer more to their phones than their books for their studies. The time that they spend on social networks to stay connected is actually making them realistically disconnected.

Day by day, technology is getting cheaper and more and more accessible to a wider range of population. It is up to us, to guide the use of these technologies for the overall benefit of the children & society.

I am not saying that technology is leading to ill effects in the students of today’s generation, it is only the way the students use the technology that is causing a bit of a concern. We should always try to promote responsible use of technology and minimize the gap created between the real and the virtual world.

Educational institutions should consider technology as a supplementing force to maximize the impact of the traditional teaching methods. They should leverage the technological innovations at their disposal to support and maximize the rate of learning of the students, and not as a tool to showcase their smartness or superiority over others.

Technology when applied with the right intentions will always lead to a better and brighter future.